Friday, May 11, 2007

May 11, 2007 - Texas Supreme Court Issues Another Opinion in Dram Shop Act Case

F.F.P. Operating Partners v. Duenez
, No. 02-0381 (Tex. May 11, 2007)(subst. op. by Wainwright)(November 3, 2006 opinion withdrawn)

Dram Shop Act: 2006 Duenez Opinion Withdrawn and Replaced With a New One

The Texas Supreme Court substituted its most recent opinion in F.F.P. Operation Partners v. Duenez with a new one today. The Court had granted review in 2002, and revisited the issues in the case several times on multiple and successive motions for rehearing.

Justice Wainwright wrote the opinion for the court, joined by Justice Hecht, Justice Brister, Justice Medina, Justice Green, Justice Johnson, and Justice Willett.
Chief Justice Wallace B. Jefferson dissented, as did Justice Harriet O'Neill.

The Court did not hand down any other opinions on May 11, 2007. In issuing its weekly orders, the Court announced the denial of six petitions for review. It did not grant any.

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