Friday, August 1, 2008

2008-08-01 Routine PFR Denials - No New Opinions

The Texas Supreme Court denied four petitions for review in today's weekly orders and issued no other decisions worthy of note. No new petitions were granted or set for oral argument.


07-1063 BAYLOR UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER, EDMUND SANCHEZ, M.D., AND SRINATH CHINNAKOTLA, M.D. v. HAROLD BIGGS, INDIVIDUALLY AND AS EXECUTOR OF THE ESTATE OF CHERI JEAN WELLS BIGGS, DECEASED, BRANDON WELLS, AND CHER BIGGS; from Dallas County; 5th district (05-06-01104-CV, 237 SW3d 909, 11-09-07, pet. denied) (HCLC, Med-Mal, deficient expert report)(Court of Appeals remanded to trial court to determine whether extension should be granted to file proper report on finding that report was inadequate)

08-0138 ESTATE OF JOHN A. TEINERT DECEASED, LAURANCE KRIEGEL, DESCENDENT, HEIR TO THE ESTATE; from Coryell County; 10th district (10-07-00297-CV, 251 SW3d 66, 01-09-08, pet. denied) as redrafted; petitioner's motion for partial summary judgment denied (probate matter)(Court of Appeals ruled that the trial court had no jurisdiction to take any further action with regard to Teinert’s Estate, and dismissed appeal for want of jurisdiction)

08-0410 JESUS MENDOZA v. PEDRO S. MONTANO M.D., AND JUSTICE OF THE PEACE ISMAEL "MELO" OCHOA; from Hidalgo County; 13th district (13-07-00146-CV, ___ SW3d ___, 02-28-08, pet. denied)(trial court's judgment affirmed in pro se appeal; appellee did not even file brief)

08-0461 THOMAS LOUIS v. MOBIL CHEMICAL COMPANY, A DIVISION OF EXXON MOBIL OIL CORPORATION, JAMES BOWSER AND RANDALL ROY; from Jefferson County; 9th district (09-06-00568-CV, 254 SW3d 602, 05-01-08, pet. denied) (Justice O'Neill not sitting) (employment law)(summary judgment for defendant employer affirmed in suit in which former employee brought claims of infliction of emotional distress, defamation, and retaliation.)

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